Fun Facts Friday!


1) Bob Farrell was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1927. 2) Bob left high school to join the Air Force in 1945. After the war ended, Bob Farrell was sent to serve at radar … Read More

National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

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Our milkshakes bring everyone to the Parlour, at least so we’ve heard. When we found out National Chocolate Milkshake Day was on September 12th, we KNEW there was no way we were passing up the … Read More

National Coffee Ice Cream Day! Yay!


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Calling all lovers of ice cream and coffee, today is your day. Two worlds come together as one to create an enchanting national day devoted to COFFEE ICE CREAM! National Coffee Ice Cream Day is … Read More

The History Behind the Banana Split

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August 25th is National Banana Split Day, and if you’re like any other normal human being, you’re sitting there thinking, “What is the history of the banana split?” Now you may know how to spell … Read More