Fun Facts Friday!


1) Bob Farrell was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1927.
2) Bob left high school to join the Air Force in 1945. After the war ended, Bob Farrell was sent to serve at radar stations throughout the Pacific Northwest.
3) On leave, at a local dance ballroom, he met his lifelong love, Ramona. They married that same year.
4) On Friday the 13th in 1963, Robert โ€œBobโ€ Farrell opened the first Farrellโ€™s Ice Cream Parlour in Portland, Oregon.
5) Five years later with only six stores opened, Farrell decided to begin franchising his concept. He appeared on TV on the Merv Griffin show.
6) Bob Farrell received the Horatio Alger Award from Norman Vincent Peale.
7) He built the World’s Largest Sundae for the Guinness Book of Records.
8) In 1973, Bob Farrell sold his fifty-five store chain of ice cream parlors to the Marriot Corporation
9) In 2002 he put his speech to video with the runaway hit “Give ’em the PICKLE!” He followed that with a motivational video for managers called, “The Leadership Pickles!”, and then went in search of inspirational “pickle-givers” around the country with, “What’s Your Pickle?!”
10) For the next 40 plus years, Bob Farrell was involved with the launch of several very successful restaurant chains, including the re-launch of FARRELLโ€™S ICE CREAM PARLOUR RESTAURANTS in 2009.
11) Mr. Farrell had 3 daughters, 8 grand kids, 7 great grand kids, and of course his lifelong sweetheart, Mona.
12) Bob Farrell passed away in September 2015 and is survived by his wife, Mona, and their children and grandchildren.