Sweet Pete's Candy Store Inside Farrell's
Peter Behringer, owner of Sweet Pete’s, was raised in the chocolate industry. In 1985, when he was eleven years old, his mother opened a family chocolate business, which grew to encompass 32 locations and a large production facility. In 2010, Behringer decided to strike out on his own and opened Sweet Pete’s candy shop, located in a whimsically decorated historic home. He quickly went to work, utilizing his confectionary expertise to make the majority of Sweet Pete’s candy by hand.

Peter’s scrumptious, colorful and handcrafted candies steadily gained attention and notoriety in the Jacksonville area. In 2014, Sweet Pete’s was featured on the CNBC hit reality series The Profit, where entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis applies his capital and expertise to lead companies to success.

After appearing on The Profit, Sweet Pete’s opened a new Jacksonville location in the historic Seminole Club, a building that dates back to 1903 and sat vacant for ten years until Sweet Pete’s and Lemonis renovated the property. This new confectionary emporium is a vast 23,000 sq. ft., making it one of the largest candy shops in the United States.

Today, Sweet Pete’s manufactures a line of handcrafted quality chocolates and sells over a thousand different types of candies. Peter also finds joy in sharing his expertise with others by teaching the art of candy making. The fun-filled educational environment includes Sweet Pete’s Sweet Science Classes, hands-on interactive candy making sessions and birthday parties. Sweet Pete's is excited to be on the West Coast to share a piece of The Sweetest Destination on Earth!